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September 18 - 19, 2015
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Auction starts at 9:00 AM.

This 1,000+ lot premier advertising auction includes a large selection of items.

There is a high likelihood that several especially rare entries in Morphy’s Sept. 18-19 Antique Advertising Auction will be completely new to the eyes of even the most advanced collectors. The 1,147-lot sale is led by two extraordinary turn of the 20th century signs – one intended to grab the attention of hardware buyers; the other to dazzle soda drinkers with its stunning depiction of a popular opera singer of the day.
The former, catalogued as Lot 543, is an 1897 trade sign created by Silas West of Haverhill, Massachusetts, and is of a type that was intended for display on walls, buildings and barns to advertise local businesses. The realistic pressed-tin figure of a man in wall-climbing mode has a sign on its back that says “Climbing for the Headquarters Hardware & Implements.”
“Very few of these Silas West signs have survived, and the one we are offering is one of the best of all known examples,” said Morphy’s founder and CEO Dan Morphy, adding, “We believe it may have a Maine origin.” Estimate: $15,000-$25,000.
The second headliner, Lot 630, is a superb 1905 heavy cardboard poster advertising Coca-Cola. Ornately framed and measuring an impressive 54 inches by 33½ inches, it features a grand depiction of opera singer Lillian Nordica in an evening gown, holding a marabou fan and posed alongside a glass of Coca-Cola on a gilt pedestal. Quite likely the finest such poster any Coke collector will ever encounter, it is expected to make $12,500-$25,000 at auction.
Hires’ 1900-1910 double-sided hanger sign depicting a child feeding a foaming mug of root beer to a personified Earth is universally coveted by soft drink advertising collectors. Morphy’s sold an example in 2007, and it is believed that the one in their September 18th session (Lot 861) is only the second one ever to appear at public auction. In excellent to near-mint condition, the 10-inch-diameter sign emblazoned “The Only Relief For A Thirsty World” could attract a winning bid of $4,000-$8,000.
Many rarities promoting alcoholic beverages will be available. Lot 205, a very seldom-seen reverse-on-glass Gillco taxi cab light advertising Tally-Ho Beer, boasts a vivid color image of a horse-drawn coach with male and female passengers. Beautifully presented, the 24½-inch-diameter sign is estimated at $10,000-$15,000.
From an extensive selection of beer cans comes Lot 26, a Black Dallas Beer flat-top from ABC Brewing Company, St. Louis. One of the better-condition cans of those known to exist, it could reach $2,000-$3,000 at auction.
Tobacco is another of the “vices” most frequently seen on late 19th/early 20th-century signs. Morphy’s will offer some outstanding examples of smoking-related advertising in their two-day event. Lot 1176 is a wonderful self-framed tin-litho sign for Murad Turkish Cigarettes that features a raven-haired Turkish maiden holding up a tin of Murads on a serving tray. A visually appealing production, it is estimated at $2,000-$5,000.
Lot 1129, a cylindrical Home Run Cigar tin with a colorful, well-detailed image of men playing baseball, holds crossover appeal with sports memorabilia collectors. The tin is rated “excellent” and is cataloged with a pre-sale estimate of $6,000-$9,000.
Lot 302, a curved, lighted Vitrolite sign advertising Round Oak Stoves, Ranges and Furnaces features a striking central portrait of an Indian brave named “Doe-Wah-Jack.” It retains strong coloration and has a copper-flashed over wood and tin frame. The 16 by 22-inch sign is in excellent-plus condition and is estimated at $8,000-$16,000.

Included in this sale:
250+ Breweriana
120+ Coca Cola
100+ General Store
50+ Hunting
50+ Tobacco
Plus Much More!

Auction Details

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