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Advertising & Toy

Advertising & Toy
July 20, 2014
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Auction starts at 9:00 AM.

The July 20th sale comprises the following categories,

Posters – Many Circus themes and advertising signs

Advertising – Coca Cola items, including an interesting festoon

Large lots of tobacco related items including

                Large assortment of tobacco tags

                Pocket tins

                Tobacco tins

                Tobacco cutters

                Tobacco boxes

Figurines – including Llladro and Hummels

Post cards – large assortment of hold-to-the-light, holiday, sports, lighthouses, aviation, and many more

Playboy Magazines

Golliwog Books and others

Cap guns – a large assortment

Still banks – over 1,000, many in large lots. Including a nice battleship cast iron still bank, Andy Gump, and Arcade Taxi with pristine paint

Nice collection of mechanical banks including Indian Shooting Bean, Boy on Trapeze, Mammy with spoon, Elephant & 3 Clowns, and many others.

Large assortment of cast iron toys including cap guns, trains, horse-drawn, and many others

Sports memorabilia

Large assortment of dolls and doll accessories

Bottles including NSDA bottles

This is quite a diverse auction with something for everyone!

Auction Details

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