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Doll Auction

Doll Auction
December 03, 2012
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Morphy’s December 4, 2012 specialty doll sale has a total of 675 lots, featuring about 1,000 dolls. It is well worth travelling for both collectors and dealers to attend this auction in person. Plan to spend the whole day, as the sale will take at least 7 hours. Dolls are currently on display in the gallery and are available for preview every day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. from now until the sale. This is a very strong sale with something for everyone from the rarest antique dolls to 1960s collectibles and even some choice artist dolls. Two large collections form the basis of the sale – one from a well-known dealer/collector from N.J. and one from the Midwest.
The French bisque dolls sparkle throughout the sale – rare Steiner E Series, sweet Circle and Crescent Bru, stunning Prévost period Huret fashion, charming Poubot, classic Jumeaux Bébés including E.J., Incised, Têtes, portraits, and exquisite fashions by Bru, Barrois, F.G., Jumeau, Steiner, Clement with blown kid body,  and others fashions, charming Bleuettes, Eden Bébé, E.D., SFBJ and others.
The German doll makers are represented by a rare S & H 1308 man with molded mustache, K & R characters 109 Elise, 117, 117n, 131 googly, and a large spectacular 114; life-size JDK 257 baby; Heubach characters; Kestner, Simon & Halbig, Handwerck, even some in original boxes, Bahr & Proschild, Kley & Hahn, Kestner pouties and elegant Gibson girls.
For specialty collectors there are oriental bisques from Simon & Halbig, A.M. 353 baby, JDK baby and rare Japanese made lady.
A sale wouldn’t be complete without some googlies, so offered are a rare and sassy K & R 131 all-bisque, an impish Hertel, Schwab & Co 165 baby, and a group of others by A.M. and Heubach, as well as mask-face models.
The extensive collection of cloth dolls starts with a charming Izannah Walker doll, and continues with Philadelphia and Alabama babies, Columbian , Mother’s Congress, Missionary Ragbaby, Babyland Rag dolls, Chases including a lady and bobbed-hair child, Polly Heckewelder, a large group of Raggedy Anns featuring a rare Exposition Ann and a pair of Molly’es, selection of Kathe Kruse dolls with a rare jointed knee model and Schlenkerchen, Lencis, and last but hardly least – a spectacular Maggie Bessie!
There is a particularly nice offering of all-bisque dolls. Babies include a very rare Mildred the Prize Baby, Tynie Baby, and Bye-Los. Characters are represented by Orsini, Bonnie Babe, Heubachs, Thumb-suckers, and a pair of all original googlies. There are French Mignonnettes, a Kestner 102, and other Kestners and glass-eyed child dolls.
Lovely, early and rare china dolls are in abundance. There are a beautiful morning glory lady, KPMs, early gentleman with brown hair, fancy hairdo ladies with buns and waterfalls, Sophia Smith with long curls, Lydia, Schlaggenwald with tied on china lower limbs, Queen Victoria, Jenny Lind, Countess Dagmar. Chinas of the 1850s are represented by a glass-eyed model, Greiner style with brown eyes, covered wagon variations, and more.
For lovers of early dolls, there are also beautiful parians, French and German papier-mâchés, and rosy waxes, including a spectacular boxed Hamley’s child.
Of particular interest of is collection of “Dainty Dorothy” dolls trademarked by Sears, Roebuck & Co. in 1910, and made by Heubach, S & H, Kestner and A.M. Dolls from all 4 companies are offered, many in original boxes. There are also “Dorothy Dainty” books, puzzles, hair bows, and other collectibles.
Antique and vintage bears cover a wide range of Steiff and other German and American makers. A good variety of limited edition Steiff items are also offered.
American composition dolls are highlighted by several Shirley Temples, boxed and in trunks, with many lots of individual hard-to-find dresses; wonderful Mary Hoyer nurse, stylish F & B American Children designed by Dewees Cochran and dear Patsy family dolls, Kewpie, Scootles, Giggles. Also some Alexander compos including a small boxed David Copperfield.
Mid-Century American dolls are also present: hard plastic Blythe, Cissette, Wendy, Toni, Eugenia, Terri Lee, and Ginny.
Lastly, there are the artist dolls, several lovely studio dolls by Sasha Morgenthaler, Dewees Cochran designs including a Tiny Tim , Emma Clear elegant ladies, Annette Himstedt children, Gwen Flather whimsical designs, Kimcraft creations and, of course, a good selection of R. John Wright characters.
Don’t miss this sale! You will be sorry if you don’t attend. But if you can’t come in person, be sure to bid online. Let us know at Morphy’s if you need any help with the bidding process. Of course, you can always come to the gallery to preview and leave bids, even if you can’t stay for the sale.

Auction Details

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