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Doll, Marble, Toy, Figural Cast Iron & Pop Culture Auction

Doll, Marble, Toy, Figural Cast Iron & Pop Culture Auction
December 13 - 14, 2014
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Auction Starts at 9:00 AM.

The December 13 & 14 Doll, Marble, Toy, and Pop Culture auction includes over 1,500 lots of amazing pieces. Included in this auction will be:
Nice assortment of comic character toys, including:
– Pre-war Celluloid Disney Donald Duck Riding Pluto in Ultra Rare Original Box – Popeye the champ in original box
– Blondie’s Jalopy in original box – Charley McCarthy and Mortimer Sherd Private Car  – Celluloid Mickey and Minnie acrobat toy in rare color litho – Tin & celluloid Disney character carousel mint in original box
Hand painted and tin litho German toys, including:
– Carette Limousine – Scarce Large size Tippco Zeppelin – Several clockwork boats – Lehman motorcycle
Trains, including:
– Early American Flyer “Edward Metzel” Chicago Set – Lionel Mickey Mouse Circus Set with Box – Gerren Bing and Martlin sets, some in boxes – Several Japenese pre-war airplanes – Nice selection of German penny toys – Over a dozen Japanese tin litho friction cars in boxes, including several original Lincolns – Very scarce Japanese tin litho batman car with original box – Autographed team signed baseball cards – Mechanical & Still Banks
Marbles – over 300 lots, including: large swirl marbles, onionskin, lutz, sulfide, handmade, Indian, China, and much more!
Dolls, including:
French Bisque: Jumeaux, including Portrait, EJ, large assortment of Têtes both closed and open mouths and boxed, Poupées; Steiner early child and Gigoteur; DEP; Unis; SFBJ bébés and 238 character, F.G. gentleman; Barrois; china poupée; mechanical dolls; Bru fashion with original wardrobe; Lavallée-Peronne “Lily”
German Characters: Bruno Schmidt “Wendy” and others; Bähr & Pröschild; Kestner “Hilda,” Oriental 243, 221 googly, other babies and toddlers; Hertel, Schwab & Co.; Kewpies; K & R, including 201, 116/A boxed, 115/A with original layette, and others; Gebr. Heubachs; Ernst Heubachs; Recknagle, “Bonnie Babe”; Kley & Hahn
Lady Dolls: Kestner Gibson Girl, S & H 1159, French poupées, early Germans
German Bisque Children: Simon & Halbig; Kestner; Kammer & Reinhardt; Handwerck; Alt, Beck & Gottschalck including “Sweet Nell”; Kestner, “Bye-Los”; Kley & Hahn; Bergmann; CB multiface; Armand Marseille; Goebel; Dressel; Bähr & Pröschild; action pull toys and marrotte
Madame Alexanders: 3 Little Pigs with Disney storybook, composition portrait, Dionne Quintuplets, “McGuffey Ana,” “Bobby Q” and other cloth dolls, “Cinderella,” “Maggie Walker,” “Winnie Walker,” “Binnie Walker,” “Easter” Doll, “Tommy,“ “Amy,” “Jo,” “Marybel” with case, “Elise,” large selection of “Wendys,” “Jacqueline,” “Cissettes,” “Cissy,” “Little Genius”
Composition and Hard Plastic: Arranbee, Effanbee, Molly’es, “Shirley Temple,” Mary Hoyer, “Toni,” “Sweet Sue,” “Terri Lee,” “Linda Baby,” “Connie Lynn,” large selection of “Ginny” dolls, “Toddles,” “Ginnette,” “Muffie,” “Honey,” “Nancy Lee,” R&B “Quintuplets”
Artist: Julie Good-Kruger, Anri, Robin Woods, R. John Wright “Edith” and “Goldilocks and 3 Bears”
Special Interest: rare cloth “Bye-Lo Baby,” American Indian Dolls, Russian Cloth, boxed Lenci, Boxed French cloth, Teddy Bears, Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls, Brown bisque S & H 1079 & K & R 122, Fulper baby, large Ada Lum Oriental, Continental Church Figure, sewing sets, furniture, carriages, sleigh

Auction Details

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