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Fine & Decorative Arts

Fine & Decorative Arts
September 13, 2015
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Auction starts at 9:00 AM.
Our September 13 Fine & Decorative Arts Auction includes 800+ lots.  Potential bidders will find: 150+ FIne Jewelry Lots  | 150+ Coin Lots  |  Art Glass  |  Bronzes  |  Clocks  |  Figural Cast Iron  |  Music Boxes  |  Napkin Rings  |  Plus Much More!
This auction includes the first of a series of auctions of the world’s largest figural cast iron collection.
This collection covers an immense diversified range of figural iron: doorstops, bookends, doorknockers, paperweights, B and H Plaques, bottle openers, foot scrapers, pet feeding dishes,candle holders, desk sets, umbrella stands, and irons, Christmas tree stands, lamps, sink box decoys, match safes, etc.
A large portion of the doorstops in the upcoming cast iron auctions are actual book examples (The Doorstop Book-An Encyclopedia of Doorstop Collecting), and many were purchased from the Watt White doorstop dispersal at Morphy’s in 2006-2007 auctions. (many from the White collection also photographed for The Doorstop Book)   This figural iron collection will disperse over several auctions with Auction #2 slated for Sunday, Dec. 6th. This will be a series of Cast Iron Auctions not to be missed!

Auction Details

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