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June 25 - 28, 2018
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Extended Preview: Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24 9:00am-4:00pm

The June, 2018 Morphy – Julia’s Firearms auction promises to provide the discerning firearms aficionado with options rarely seen to enhance and expand their personal collection.  In addition, there is an impressive selection of quality items available for those beginning their collection and with the eye for specific opportunities.   The auction offers over 2,300 lots across 4 days.

Day One, Monday June 25th – Extraordinary and Fine Sporting & Collectible Firearms are the order of the entire day, with over 500 lots of important, rare, and exceptional items that are just magnificent.

The auction is off to a fast start with a strong selection of NFA items including two outstanding, consecutively numbered Colt 1921 Thompsons, a Swiss MG-11 Maxim, an Argentine Brass Maxim, a Heckler & Koch Model 21E Magazine and Belt-Fed, and a Desert Ordnance Original Australian FN-FAL L1A1A.  Quite a broad selection of NFA lots for all collectors is available.

The auction then transitions to a spectacular selection of handguns, rifles and shotguns, including a rare Savage Arms Model 1907 U.S. Trials Semi-Automatic Pistol, a very rare and desirable Springfield Model 1903 Ram Rod Bayonet Rifle 1905, two of the finest L.C. Smith shotguns – a High Original Condition L.C. Smith A-3 Grade 12 Gauge and a 12 Gauge Deluxe Grade Double Trap With Factory Letter; and one of the most iconic Model 21 Winchesters ever made – a 12 Gauge Grand American built For Roy Rogers, and its mate, a 20 Bore Custom Winchester Grand American made for Dale Evans.  Following is an exceptional group of Piotti King Shotguns in .410, 28 and 20 bore; and rare and superb Parkers.

Then prepare yourself for the next installment of the Ray Bentley estate Winchesters, including a fantastic Model 1894 Engraved Takedown (1920), an extraordinarily rare original crate of Ten Unissued Model 1895 Carbines, and an elegant Ulrich-engraved 1895 Lever-Action with gold inlay.  Just when you thought the offering could not improve, the auction moves to the next level; with an exceptionally important group including an Ulrich Relief-Engraved Deluxe Model 1866 Lever Action with factory documentation, a magnificent Model 1876 One of One Thousand with factory letter, an equally stunning factory-engraved and silver-plated 1860 Henry, and a fabulous gold-plated deep relief-engraved Model 1866.  The presentation of world-class Winchester and Henry rifles continues to delight and astound.

For the antique arms enthusiast, the auction presents a number of items that will be sure to astound all firearms historians.  The selection starts with two fine and rare cased Colts, a Number 5 “Texas” Paterson Revolver, Serial Number 205, and a 3rd Model Dragoon Percussion Revolver, and then an exquisite Colt 2nd Model U.S. Dragoon (1850).  Spectacular and exceptional antique rifles include a Winchester Model 1866 Musket with Bayonet (1870-71), an engraved Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action, and a Martially Marked Henry Repeating Rifle (1863).  You will find superb items throughout this landmark auction day.

Days Two and Three provide an extensive selection of over 1,000 quality antique and modern shotguns, handguns, and rifles.  Lots catalogued online only, and often containing more than one item, begin part way through day three and continue in day four with an additional 700-plus lots.  Notice that the Morphy-Julia auction contains only Firearms and closely related items.  Look to our November Edged Weapons, Armor, and Militaria auction for a tremendously expanded breadth of quality items in these categories.

This impressive auction will take place in Denver, Pennsylvania June 25, 26, 27 & 28th. The auction begins at 9am EST each day. In addition to live bidding, Morphy Auctions offers absentee and phone bidding. If you wish to leave an absentee bid or reserve a phone line, please call 877-968-8880. We also offer our own live online bidding platform, with no additional sur-charges from third party bidding sites.

This 4-day event is a can’t miss opportunity to own some of the best examples of rare and extraordinary firearms!

Morphy Auctions is proud to offer the G. Thomas Puett collection of fantastic firearms. Mr. Puett is a well known collector who acquired an extremely diverse collection. His collection shows an eye for high condition and quality, and encompasses a diverse collection of Colts, including a wide selection of early Colt automatics.  A fine selection of American, English and European sporting shotguns and rifles. As well as extremely rare firearms such as a Savage model 1907 trails pistol.

Auction Details

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