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March 10, 2014
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Auction Starts at 9am

The March 11th sale begins with 4 lots of barber shaving mugs followed by 20 large lots of oil cans and a few Coca-Cola lots.  Then, a mega assortment of soda bottles in crates, pepper soda labels, and pepper soda bottlecaps.

This sale includes many ephemera items with wonderful real photos of saw mills, soda fountains, sports, hunting, automobilia and more.

Sports related items (11 lots) and miscellaneous items to include: tall case clock, bells, pictures, furniture, marble stands, two beautiful chandeliers and brass bird cages.

A nice selection of acoustic and electric guitars followed by a large selection of walking stick canes in lots of 3 to 5 or more and some gadget canes.

Political buttons, prints, statues, followed by an extensive stereoview collection with many rare topics.

Next are porcelain figures, china flowers, and hundreds of lots of early American pattern glass in large lots followed by carnival glass.

Also in this sale: soap stone, oriental carvings and vases, a few rugs and a nice selection of Beatrix Potters Figurines in large lots.

The last grouping are postcards from real photos: scenic, trains, war, hold to lights, states, Hershey, diners, expos, holidays, Santa, with many rare and unusual cards by Tuck, Winsch, and many others.

Auction Details

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