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General Antique Fishing Tackle

General Antique Fishing Tackle
November 06 - 07, 2015
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Auction begins at 9:00 AM.
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Day 1 (Sat): Lot 1 – 697
Day 2 (Sun): Lot 700 – 1395

Thousands of lures from all makers, including: Creek Chub Bait Co., Heddon, Pflueger, Shakespeare, South Bend, Moonlight/Paw Paw, Jamison, and many more major manufacturers!

Miscellaneous bait offerings from: 
WAB, Tempter,a Vance Waters, Oscar the Frog, South Coast Minnow, Michigan Life Like, North Channel minnow, Charles Lane, Biek, Bing’s, Cedar Plug, Hinkle Lizard,
K&K minnows including a rare Ghost, Bon-net, Gee Wiz, Flood, Babbitt, ABC, Bud Stewart, Lucid Lure, Bill Dewitt, Barracuda, FC Woods, Abbey & Imbrie, Harkauf, Pico, Spoon Fin, Hinckley, Darby, Snyder, H-I, Goble, Donaly, Porter, Decker, Outing, Johnson Auto Striker, Vann Clay, Medley’s, Al Foss, Wise Jim Dandys, Val Lures, Gayle, GEP, Hootenannas, Al Byler, Vom Hofe, Bleeder, Martin, Lloyd, McCagg, Hastings, Wilson, Pontiac Minnow, Glowurm, Rush Tangos of all types, Arbogast everything from Tin Liz baits to Jitterbugs, Floyd Roman, Dineen spinner, Stone’s baits, Charmer, Pocono baits, CC Roberts, Fisheretto, Danielson, Viking Frog, Kimmich, Paulson, Keller, Wright & McGill, Webber, and many, many more!!  Extensive offerings of folk art baits, fly rod lures, hair baits, frog, mice, critters, pounds of metal baits, collectible and fishable baits, English baits, hooks and harnesses, empty lure boxes, tackle boxes both full and empty, boxed baits from many makers, and everything in between!
Also offering assorted lots of anything related to fishing, including:
Rods, reels, line spools, fish spears, nets, creels, glass, metal and plastic minnow traps, bait tins and cages, grabbers, gaffs, flags, display items, decorative items, fish heads and mounts, carvings, decoys, catalogues, paperwork, knives, and so much more!
This auction will have something for everyone…
from beginning to advanced collector, dealers, decorators, and casual dabblers!

Auction Details

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