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General Auction

General Auction
October 25, 2010
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The October 26th Auction is full of a diverse group of fresh to the market antiques and collectibles. The 600 lot sale begins with a nice grouping of advertising items. Some of the key items would include a Cherry Smash Syrup Dispenser with original pump, a Pepsi-Cola Cash Register in original condition, a nice selection of Coca-Cola trays, and a wonderful selection of other soda related signs and door pushes. Next we move into a clean collection of lunchboxes. Some of the lunchbox highlights would include a Beatles Yellow Submarine, a Jetsons lunchbox and a Star Trek lunchbox. The toy category is well covered with a fine selection of tin toys, cap pistols, still banks and promo cars.  A great grouping of figural cast iron would include lots of bottle openers, door knockers and other figural cast iron. The next category will include over 50 figural sewing tape measures. Some of these highlights would include a celluloid Bunnies on Motorcycle toy, a Minnie Mouse and a Dancing Minstrel. The sale comes to an end closing with over 150 lots of Match safes from a 40 year collection. There are a large number of match safe lots which include rare and desirable match safes.  All of these items can be viewed on our online catalog at

Auction Details

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