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November 12, 2012
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November 13, 2012 General & Pottery Auction

 The Nov 13, 2012 auction has an eclectic mix of items from over 600 fresh lots of coins, cookie jars, military-related to pottery and other miscellaneous antiques.

Some of the coin features include a roll of 1896 Morgan Dollars (lot 21), an 1873 $3 Gold Coin (lot 25) and a 1908-D $10 Gold Coin (lot 27).

 The cookie jar highlights include an American Bisque Little Mo (lot 490), a Sierra Vista Davey Crocket (lot 480) and a Brush Pottery Hippo (lot 475).

 The military collection is comprised of a nice selection of WW2 helmets, uniforms and badges. Some of the highlights are a Nazi Uniform (lot 94), a Russian Uniform (lot 108) and a German Dress Uniform with Hat (Lot 95).

There are over 300 pieces of pottery with fine selections from the Roseville & Weller categories. Be sure not to miss some stellar examples such as the 8” Blue Wisteria (lot 315), a Snowberry Jard & Ped (lot 301), a Donatello Jard & Ped (lot 304) and a Water Lily Jard & Ped (lot 306).

Preview: Open everyday 9AM TO 4PM.
1 to 100 10:00 AM
101 to 200 11:00 AM
201 to 300 12:00 PM
301 to 400 1:00 PM
401 to 500 2:00 PM
501 to 544 3:00 PM

Auction Details

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