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Marble Auction

Marble Auction
November 05, 2010
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The November 6th Marble auction includes over 300 lots of beautiful marbles and marble ephemera. Featured in this grouping are some key handmade, machine made, transitional and boxed marbles. All of these lots have come straight from old-time collections and are fresh to the market. There are some very unique and desirable examples in all categories. This auction will have marble collectors talking and anxious for preview.

Are attributed to Greiner of Lauscha, Germany. These marbles were found in Europe and represent the most important transitional to hit the market in many years. They pre-date handmade swirl and machine made marbles but are the prototypes of later glass marbles. These ground breaking marbles were the first attempt to create swirls, ox bloods, bricks, cobras, ribbons and tornados. These transitionals can now safely be attributed to Elias Greiner of Lauscha, Germany (1855-1860).
These marbles were hand gathered and the pontils were polished on a hand loom grinder. The set are in superb condition and come with the usual accepted tiny micro pits. This is their mark of authenticity of the period which dates them from 1855 to 1865.
This unique one-of-a-kind collection shows the progressive art of marble making be a lost master that in the past has been given over or attributed to James Leighton.

Auction Details

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