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Marbles – 10AM

Marbles – 10AM
May 20, 2011
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The May 21, 2011 Marble Auction is a  400 lot sale offering a fine selection of handmade examples including sulphides, swirls, onionskins, opaques, lutzes, clambroths and Indians. Some of the highlights are (lot 31) the Green Glass Rearing Horse Sulphide, (lot 116) the Painted Ram Sulphide, (lot 371) a  1-7/16” Ribbon Lutz, (lot 36) a 1-5/8” Opaque and (lot 105) a 2-3/8” 12-Lobed Onionskin.
The machine made section leads off with (lot 144) an Original Box of “The World’s Best Guineas”, (lot 145) a Peltier #220 Rainbow Box, (lot 221) a Christensen Agate Red Devil and (lot 302) a Peltier Golden Rebel.
For the first time, Morphy Auctions will be offering a fantastic array of over 80 Contemporary marble lots (read Arnie Fox’s review). Some of the stand out lots include (lot 75) a Mark Matthews Tribal Color, (lot 390) a Mark Matthews Murano and (lot 243) Mark Matthews Animal Skin.
See our online catalog for more details and additional photos.

Auction Details

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