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October 19, 2012
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Auction Start Time: 9AM

The October 20th Marble Auction is loaded with many key and rare marbles from a number of old-time collections. The 700+ lot auction features a large number of unique and seldom-seen handmade examples. Some of the highlights include a 7/8” Pink Opaque Lutz (lot 538) with green lines. This marble has never been seen in these colors and exhibits a wet mint 9.7 condition rating. Another eye-catcher would is the huge 2 – 3/8” 4-lobed and 4-paneled onionskin with mica (lot 644). The auction also includes a large number of beautiful onionskins, lutzes, swirls, clambroths and sulphides. Several other highlights include lots 13, 14, 261, 383, 524, 537, 555, 663, 664 and 670.

This auction has a fantastic assortment of machine made marbles, many of which are the best examples ever to hit the auction block. Along with an original box of Christensen No. 1 Guineas, there are over a dozen killer flames, guineas and corkscrews. One of the highlights would include a ¾” Christensen Agate Tear Drop Guinea displaying


Please contact
Mike Landis
Auction Coordinator

Auctioneer sells approximately 80 to 100 lots per hour.

1 – 100    9AM
101 – 200    10AM
201 – 300    11PM
301 – 400    12PM
401 – 500    1PM
501 – 600    2PM
601 – 699    3PM
701 – 711    4PM

Auction Details

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