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Toys & Advertising

Toys & Advertising
October 28, 2013
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Auction Starts at 9AM

October 29, 2013 sale begins with Political and war time buttons. Next, is a nice array of toys with many celluloid wind-up many with black Americana. Board games are next followed by Advertising tins and signs. A nice group of still banks, followed with a few mechanical. Then, cast iron doorstops and other cast iron pieces.

Contemporary trains are next followed by general antiques, more cast iron and tin toys and large lots of toys and premiums.

A nice selection of cars, and trucks in tin, cast iron and pressed steel. Baseball pins and Hartland figures follow. A collection of tobacco humidors, match safes, and tobacco tins as well as, typewriter ribbon tins.

Electrical insulator, advertising wooden crates, also, handcuffs and seltzer bottles. We have an abundance of soda pop signs and smalls featuring Coca-Cola, Crush, 7up and others.

Our array of pattern beer bottles and a few coin-op machines goes nicely with our advertisement buttons. Included is a large collection of unusual fire extinguishers with neat graphics.

Lastly, is a large collection of advertisement signs; many with insurance themes and calendars.

Auction Details

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