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Toys, Marbles & Comic Books – 10AM

Toys, Marbles & Comic Books – 10AM
August 11 - 12, 2011
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Morphy’s auction leads off Friday with a fine array of still banks including many lots of animals and buildings. Two bank highlights include (lot 43) a Mickey Mouse Standing Bank and (lot 46) the Massachusetts Battleship. If you are looking for old store stock, don’t miss the eight Banthrico Automobile Banks in original boxes. The mechanical banks have a fine representation with (lot 58) US & Spain Bank, (lot 65) Mammy & Spoon (which is a really nice example with original spoon), and (lot 75) a Calamity Bank.
The cast iron toy categories include cars, motorcycles, buses and horse-drawn lots. A Fire Pumper (lot 121) from the original owner and (lot 126) the Keiser & Rex Santa Claus sleigh are sure to thrill collectors!
Don’t miss the bus, or in this case the collection of buses! Morphy’s is pleased to offer one of the most comprehensive bus collections of its time from the collection of Wayne Mathias. The collection includes over 100 Greyhound Continental Trailways, other buses and related items. Two rare models to take note of are (lot 208) a Scarce Greyhound Scenicruiser and a Plaster Mold.
If buses aren’t your thing than be sure to catch the trains that follow. This sale has American, European, Post War and Pre-War trains including examples from Lionel, American Flyer and Hornby. The trains are highlighted by (lot 242) a Lionel Standard Gauge #400 Engine & Tender which is the largest steam engine ever made by Lionel. Another desirable lot is (lot 250) a museum quality, one of a kind, folk art Motor Coach Train with extensive documentation that will be at the top of collectors lists.
In a sale that includes all categories, the tin toys also are finely represented. The lots feature hand-painted and tin litho models. A few standout lots are (lot 220) a Marklin Coastal Cannon, a pair of Carette Cars (lot 270 & 271), a couple of Toy Ocean Liners (lots 275 & 276) and a very nice Lehman Zick-Zack (lot 277).
Friday also offers a very nice grouping of scarce German Schuco figures, including (lot 284) a Mother Goose, (lot 285) an Elephant, (lot 286) a Felix the Cat Perfume Bottle, (lot 287) a Mickey Mouse Tumbler, (lot 288) a Snowman, and (lot 289) a Teddy Bear on Scooter. If you prefer the softer type of bear, there is one nice early German Mohair Teddy (lot 292) up for auction.
The second single owner collection that will also be offered on Friday consists of over 50 lots of vintage and contemporary soldier, animal and civilian figures many in original boxes. These are all from the collection of Bud Ritter.
Several nice composition Roly Poly’s will cross the auction block including (lot 376) a Happy Hooligan and (lot 380) a Buster Brown. Plus, there are a couple of unusual composition nodders like (lot 383) the Harold Lloyd.  If you enjoy puzzles, be sure to look at the ten nice dexterity puzzle lots.
Following up the puzzles the sale continues with a dozen old store stock Japanese Tin Friction Toy lots and Windup Vehicles. Including (lot 424) a 1961 Yonezowa Cadillac, (lot 424A) an Alps Cadillac in a very desirable red color and (lot 424B) a Weekend Skipper II Station Wagon and Boat Trailer Set. The robot lots in this sale are highlighted by a Lavender Gang of Five Robot (lot 438).
And lastly we conclude the sale day with Press Steel and Peddle Cars. Lot 449 a Buddy L. Red Baby Truck, (lot 467) a Wyandotte Car & Trailer Set in exceptional condition, (lot 468) a rare Converse Clockwork Automobile, and over 15 vintage and contemporary peddle vehicles close out the day.
Saturday morning starts off with over 150 lots of marbles featuring a nice selection of sulphides, swirls, lutz’s and others. This selection includes (lot 509) a very rare Sulphide Bat, (lot 606) which could possibly be the Largest Swirl known, and (lot 614) an Onion Skin Lutz that is a very desirable addition for any collection.
For the military collectors Morphy’s has 15 lots of military toys from a single consignor including some rarely seen “Soldier of Fortune Sets.”
Another great grouping are the 35 lots of Schoenhut figures including a fine selection of animals and people such as (lot 696) Boob McNutt, and (lot 697) Happy Hooligan.
Following the Schoenhut figures are 10 lots of Palmer Cox Brownie Memorabilia. A rare set of Brownies (lot 734) includes humidors plus other serving pieces and candy containers.
Saturday has a nice grouping of 1960s, 1970s and 1980s old store stock toys mostly in sealed boxes or on header cards. Several Evil Knieival Vehicles, Planet of the Apes items, (lot 774) Boxed Hubley Jungle Hunt and (lot 863) Tiger Joe Tank with sealed parts are perfect for any collection.
The character toys include Flintstone and Jetson figures and vehicles. Plus a great array of Disney tin and celluloid toys, watches and other memorabilia highlighted by (lot 893) a Capodimonte Snow White and Seven Dwarfs Dinner Statue by Italian designer Enzo Arzenton and (lot 901) an exceptional and complete Lionel Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Circus Train.

Closing out Saturday are over 300 lots of 1940s Comic Books, all from the original owner who purchased the comics in the 1940s. All are fresh and ungraded but there are some good candidates for grading including (lot 962) the Phantom Lady, (lot 1005) All Star Comics #33, and (lot 1007) Startling Comics #49 featuring the Schomburg robot carrying a lady.

Auction Details

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