Tom Hathazy

Tom Hathazy joined the Dan Morphy Auctions team in the winter of 2005 as our pressed steel/pedal car consultant. Tom came highly recommended because of his extensive knowledge of Sturditoy, Buddy ‘L,’ Steelcraft, Sonny, Kingsbury and Keystone are obvious from the professional catalog descriptions, conditions and appraisals he provides for our pressed-steel items.Tom’s interest in antiques started with his love of antique cars. He had already been an active collector and hobbyist for more than 20 years when he purchased his first piece of pressed steel in the mid-1980s at the Hershey Car Show. Tom was a history teacher whose love of the past turned to the history of the pressed-steel toy companies. His experience with antique car paint restoration and non-original parts became the foundation for his understanding of pressed-steel toys. Over the years he had amassed such an extensive collection that he became active in the business and enjoys bringing new collectors into the hobby to share his love of antiques. Morphy’s is pleased to have Tom as a part of the team.